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05th May 2013
Amazon, eBay and Google have all recently announced upgrades to their image requirements and specifications that, in some cases, could block your products from being listed on these popular eCommerce business channels. The updated image specifications will come into force late summer/autumn 2013 and are designed to increase the conversions on product listings. eBay have recently reported that 50% of transactions are now carried out on a mobile decive, this has prompted them to make sure their adverts are clean and crisp on the smaller screen of a mobile phone, historical images with added banners, text and borders do not work on these smaller devices. In addition, testing done at eBay has confirmed that there is a 3% increase in conversion for each extra picture on the listing and also when sellers move from small to large clear product images is a 5% increase in sales conversion.

Contact me to discuss an image package, we can help you meet all of the criteria for eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping.

eBay UK Product Image Specifications

The new image requirements for eBay are due to land in the UK in early autumn 2013, from then on sellers will no longer be able to include promotional text, images or border on their eBay product auction listings. Product listing with images that do not meet the update eBay image specifications will be removed from the site and sellers will receive a warning on their account. More information can be seen on the eBay help page > eBay UK updated images specification

In summary the new specification includes:

  • All listings will be required to have at least one picture
  • Photos must be at least 500 pixels on the longest side of the picture
  • Borders around pictures, and text added to pictures, will no longer be allowed. Watermarks for attribution purposes only will continue to be allowed
  • When listing a used item, stock photos may no longer be used as the primary item photo for the listing. A catalogue image can still be used. However, it can’t be used as the primary photo representing a non-new item for sale. Books, Films, Music, and Video Game categories will be excluded from this requirement

Amazon UK Product Image Requirements

Amazon also made changes their their accepted image specifications, sellers on Amazon continue to have to try to keep up with the Amazon growth which can be challenging for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME's) and local online businesses with limited time and resources. Amazon UK have recently updated their image requirements, any new listings will need to meet the criteria. Amazon are also keep for sellers to upgrade existing images where they fall below the standard, whilst this won't be necessary it has been rumoured that in doing this sellers will be given preferential treatment in the buy box algorithm and in on site product promotion. More information of the new updated Amazon image specification for eCommerce sellers can be found here > Amazon UK Product Images Specification

Amazon Image Standards now include:

  • Images must accurately represent the product and show only the product that's for sale, with minimal or no propping
  • Main image (1st product photo) must have a pure white background (pure white blends in with the Amazon search and item detail pages - RGB values of 255, 255, 255)
  • The Main images must show the actual product (not a graphic or illustration), and must not show excluded accessories, props that may confuse the customer, text that is not part of the product, or a logos or watermark
  • The product must fill 85% or more of the image
  • Images should be 1000 pixels or larger in either height or width, as this will enable zoom function on the website (zoom has proven to enhance sales). The smallest your file should be is 500 pixels on the longest side
  • Amazon accepts JPEG, TIFF, or GIF file formats. although Amazon UK state that JPEG is referred

Google Shopping eCommerce Image Requirements

Google is now recommending that retailers submit images of at LEAST 800 pixels so that they will show up clearly on high-resolution displays. The new Product Listing Ads for Google Shopping have caught many retailers by surprise who have previously relied on free Google Shopping listings. The change to the paid shopping model has meant many retailers have dropped away from the listings or simply don't have the budget to compete with the larger retail chains. This makes the images that you show on Google shopping so much more important as you need to maximise your PPC budget and stand out above your competitors, displaying good quality product images is a simple way of standing out above the crowd.

As a retailer with your own eCommerce store or multiple marketplace channels - what should you do?

  • Take some time now to think about how these changes are going to affect you as a seller
  • Put in place a plan for how you will be ready to meet the new requirements when they land later this year
  • Think about how you are going to replace low resolution images with high resolution well lit product images in time for the change
  • High resolution clear product photography will need to become an integral part of your e-commerce strategy
  • Make a rule that all new products are photographed at the early stages on either a perfect clear white background or clipped in photoshop to meet the requirements
  • Contact us today if you need any advice on the best way forward for your business

Creating beautiful product images from your photographs can easily be done after they have been taken. Our product photography services include an e-commerce solutions where we create professional looking images from your existing images meaning you do not have to spend extra resources on re-taking the images. We can do this by fixing the lighting, blemishes, adding removing sections and making the best of the original photographs with modern technology.

The quality of the finished image will ultimately depend on the supplied files but with the magic of Photoshop we have all of the tools needed to edit, clone, smooth, resurface and modify your images to make them pop out of the screen at your customer. Pricing will depend on the amount of images that need to be worked on and will range from anywhere from £1 and image to £40 for detailed Photoshop work. I don't advertise a set fee for this work as every job is different, I don't want to charge you £5 an image for edits that take 2 minutes, it's about building an effective long standing partnership where together we can make the most of your images and boost your eCommerce conversion rates.

Contact me to discuss a image package, we can help you meet all of the criteria for eBay, Amazon and Google Shopping.

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